Here's How To Enjoy Premium Sound Quality Without Damaging Your Eardrum!

By Andy Bergersen FEB 05, 2023
in Audio Tech

To say that I love listening to music wherever I go would be an understatement. Everything is better with music, from simply relaxing on my couch and reading my book to heavily working out at the gym. I'm sure many of you can relate!

But here is the issue, I can't hear a single thing about what's happening around me if I don't hit the pause button. I remember once I was running around the neighborhood, listening to my daily playlist. The music was so loud that I didn't hear a car darting by, I ran straight across the road as usual, and then the car came to a sudden stop right next to me and "kissed" the top of my shoe, it was so scary to think back what a terrible accident it would have been if I hadn't stopped in time.

Ever since that incident, I was hesitant to keep listening to music like that because I was afraid that anything could happen near me and I wouldn't notice from simply someone talking to me to well, getting robbed.

In addition to this, I was pretty shocked to find out that conventional headphones and earbuds can seriously damage our eardrums and hearing. As you can tell, I was somewhat saddened to hear that there is even a slight possibility that I can suffer from hearing loss due to the way I listen to music.

"Why don't you try EarsComfort bone conduction headphones?" were the exact words of my best friend. And just like that, a whole new world appeared before me.

My First Impressions On EarsComfort...

I had no idea what bone conduction headphones were before, to be completely honest with you. But I followed my friends' advice and ordered EarsComfort since he's a passionate audiophile.

The first thing we loved after taking the EarsComfort out of the box was the robust build quality. They are well put together and don't feel cheap at all. 

There is a soft wire material that runs along the back of your head and can be customized to fit the shape of any head. It's such a small detail, but you would be amazed by how much difference this makes. The headphones stay in place even when doing intense workouts.

Also, because of the soft material coating the wire, the headphones are comfortable to wear for hours - no need to adjust them as it's usually the case with other kinds of headphones.

My next move was to try the headphone with music. Keep in mind that I was a bit sceptical about purchasing on-ear headphones, but these have changed my mind. 

I pair them with my phone and test them out. The pairing was by far the easiest that I have ever tried. The only thing I had to do was simply turn on both Bluetooth and voila! Just like that, they were connected. I choose one of my favourite rock songs for testing, and ever since that day, I have never gone back to my old earbuds. The sound quality of these things is truly amazing!

So What Makes EarsComfort So Outstanding?

Sound Quality

The real beauty is in the sound quality you get from this pair. Since these headphones don't need air to transmit sound, they sit outside the ear, in contact with the bones on the side of your head. Sound vibrations are transmitted via the bones into the ear.

A pair of headphones weighing only 25 grams can provide velvety 6D panoramic audio, just like you're wearing thousand dollars professional reverb headphones, you can hear the pure and natural mastering and rhythm of the music. I was stunned by the tiny stuff, they're so light that I can hardly feel the existence of them, listening to the passionate music, I thought I was at a superstar concert, surrounded by high-definition lossless 6D sound quality.

Stay Aware While Listening To Music

The advantage of these headphones is that, due to the open-ear design, they don't block your ears, meanwhile, maximizing the protection of your ear canal and eardrums, so you can enjoy listening to music comfortably while still being aware of what is happening around you.

If you are running or biking, you can hear cars coming behind you even if they don't honk. I run 3 times a week. I can't tell you how much of a relief these headphones are - I can run without feeling guilty about not being able to sense the dangers that are happening around me.

And even when I'm at home working, I'm finding myself preferring these as I can hear when someone is at the door knocking. And in the evening when the kids and my partner are at home, I can hear them calling me or asking questions, while at the same time I'm listening to an audiobook.

More Details That Can't Be Missed

Despite being relatively new to the market, EarsComfort have already taken the world by storm, with thousands of users across the globe making them an inseparable part of their daily routine. Here are more reasons why you can't say no to it:

Easy To Use – Just pair them to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and voila! You're now ready for the ultimate music experience!

Comfortable Fit – With their ergonomic and open-ear design, you'll no longer have to worry about your ears getting itchy!

Bluetooth 5.3 - Connect seamlessly with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems without any connectivity and without lagging or dropping connections, even at a distance.

100% Safe – Time to listen to your favorite artist without damaging your eardrum. Inductivv are perfectly safe for anyone!

Great Battery Life – Are you up to the challenge? These headphones can last up to 24 hours with a single charge. The perfect companion to your vigorous activities!

Compatible With Glasses – These headphones can be a great addition to your daily routine as they're compatible with helmets, glasses, and hearing aids!

Extremely Lightweight – Designed to be featherweight, you can have these headphones on without adding extra weight to your ears!

Excellent Durability – Do you want to enjoy your favorite playlist while working out? Now you can, as EarsComfort are sweat-resistant and IP56 dustproof & waterproof!

EarsComfort is the ideal device for anyone who wishes to combine their daily tasks with their favourite music.

One More Thing You Should Know

Health experts recommend that we clean in-ear headphones regularly with an alcohol-based solution-the wax that collects on them can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

And when you have them in your ear for too long, they produce heat, which multiplies the number of bacteria on them, increasing the chances of getting an infection (as most of us don't bother to clean our headphones).

We believe that bone conduction headphones like the EarsComfort will revolutionize how we listen to music as they are a much healthier option.

Unless you really have to block out the outside world, you will love owning a pair of these.

It's a much more natural-sounding experience where you can still hear what's going on around you.

Our Verdict

I listen to a lot of really long audiobooks. And I found myself having these on throughout the day without any discomfort. Or being an annoyance to those around me as I can hear them talking to me.

I have another pair of headphones that cost me 4x what I paid for the EarsComfort headphones.

And I've found myself preferring these and not the expensive in-ear headphones.

If you run outside or usually walk in shady neighborhoods, these headphones are a must.

And if you buy them right now, you will enjoy a 50% discount. If for some reason you don't like them, you can get your money back with EarsComfort's no-fuss 30days money-back guarantee.


Ronald Epstein

Quality of the music is great, sits well on my head and it's amazing that you can hear music and still hear what people say when they want to talk to you.


A great investment for your own health and life.

Scott Mac

We've recently had women being assaulted while running outside so these really do help with knowing your surroundings.


My husband is a busy man and is always on the go. When mowing the lawn he can listen to music and still hear what is going on around him. When walking or running he can again enjoy music but safely hear everything going on.

Santiago Ramos

I've always found earbuds uncomfortable and gross because I have gross waxy ears but these headphones sit comfortably over my ears and around the back of my neck and I frequently forget I'm even wearing them. I have longer hair and usually wear a beanie and nobody can tell I have them on.


I wear these primarily on bike rides because I can hear everything around me. When I'm five miles into a trail ride it's good to be able to hear the wild life around me. More than once, I've spooked a pack of coyotes.


Highly recommended! I work out wearing these headphones, no longer feel the pain of the ear canal is squeezed.

1 Std.LikeReply

Works awesome. Well worth the money. Can still hear of kids need me while I listen to podcasts or music while working out or doing chores.

1 Std.LikeReply
Christina Ekonomi

These headphones are amazing! I love that I'm able to listen to music while still being able to hear my surroundings while running or cycling. They sit on top of my ears snuggly and don't bounce or fall off when I run. These will definitely be my new go-to headphones for all my workouts!

1 Std.LikeReply
Rabia Khan

I use the headphones at work everyday. They meet my needs perfectly. I am able to enjoy music, but am still aware of what is happening in my office.

2 Std.LikeReply
Jochen Meissner

For years I have been cycling for fitness while singing to myself. Now I can listen to music while still hearing the birds and more importantly vehicles.Comfort is excellent and you forget you are wearing them. Fit fine with a helmet and glasses too.

2 Std.LikeReply
M. Adams

Comfortable to wear out on the trail. Love being able to hear the birds chirp and what's happening around me. I mostly listen to audio books, and the sound quality is great for that. The sound quality is good with music too.

3 Std.LikeReply
Leah Won

I hate the idea of sticking things in your ears and being less aware of what is going on around you. Living in the area next to the forest, I also think it's dangerous and you need to be aware of wildlife, cars, people, etc. to pay attention to what's going on around you.

4 Std.LikeReply
Misty Faucheux

As a professional athlete,maintaining my safety while training is absolutely crucial. The ability to have clear, crisp music while not being concerned about oncoming traffic or other interruptions has improved the quality of my training tenfold. this has been the best investment in my training in quite a long time.

4 Std.LikeReply
Jenni O

This technology has been a game changer for us. I am always being pulled in two different directions and these help me stay better connected to my phone calls and meetings while still paying attention to what's happening around me. My wife can be at home running her online business and doing her thing around the house while still being able to keep tabs on the kids in the other rooms.

6 Std.LikeReply
Timothy Gonzalez

I got these to use primarily when walking my dog. I have tinnitus in both ears and using in ear earbuds tends to exacerbate the condition. I have been very happy with these headphones. I do like I can hear my surroundings while using them. 

6 Std.LikeReply

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